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NYCitywoman is a new site on lifestyle issues for women on the right side of 40—women who are smart, stylish, and eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities. Roughly 40 percent of the women who live in Manhattan are between the ages of 45 and 65; two-thirds are college-educated; and a greater proportion of these women work in high-powered jobs than do women in other cities. Despite these data, educated city women over 40 are underserved by major media, which focus almost exclusively on younger women.

NYCitywoman was created to fill this void by providing information to these underserved women about a wide range of issues: coping with career changes or retirement in a tough economy; where to go for appropriate health care; finding meaningful ways of maximizing one's skills and experience; taking care of elderly parents; advising and mentoring adult children who are trying to find their way in a difficult financial environment; and finding new partners, friends, and passions.   

Unlike other online sites, we are not a blog, nor do we use pick-up articles from other publications. Our reporters are highly experienced and in the same age-group as our readers. Many of us have won acclaim as authors. All of us have worked as editors or writers with top publications, including, but not limited to, The New York Times, New York, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, The Atlantic Monthly, More, and Town & Country. We have combined our skills, wisdom, and expertise to produce a site that has the authenticity of a first-rate publication and the interactivity unique to Internet ventures. In short, we are combining the best of both media—substance and spontaneity—to produce a site that is service-driven, informative, and encourages a dialogue with readers.    

Commented the director of a major New York City museum: “How refreshing to have a website aimed at people in my age group.”

Remarked another reader: “It's nice to be reminded about intelligent women, with important things to say, who are fun to be with. That's a big plus for retirees.”


Barbara Lovenheim, Founding Editor

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