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Franca Tantillo a native of Staten Island, was working as a registered nurse in Cooks Falls, New York, when she fell in love with the land around her home and planted her first acre of strawberries. That was 28 years ago. Today she is one of the 200... Read more >
One summer evening John sat down to pay bills. He opened up a credit card bill and discovered his wife had racked up charges of over $170,000 in a single weekend while he was out of town at a medical conference. “His fury and rage hit the ceiling... Read more >
For two decades, the beloved designer Sigrid Olsen worked in the frenzy of the NYC’s garment district as creative director of her eponymous line of fashion, a division of Liz Claiborne Inc. Then in January 2008, due to a downturn in the economy... Read more >
Remember when there were only three brands of jeans? And finding the right fit meant washing them until they shrank so tight you might as well have been naked? Or dry cleaning them for fear that washing would shrink them? Now, there are dozens of... Read more >
Being well-heeled is always a plus. And this season it’s a requirement. After years of trying to wear boots with needle-thin heels on icy streets, Prada and Gucci are creating boots with lower, chunkier heels. Whether you’re looking for an ankle... Read more >
From Chapter One: The Thunderbolt I am not an early riser. So when my telephone rang at 7:30 am on July 26, 2006, I was awakened from a deep sleep. A friend of mine was screaming into the phone, “Mrs. Astor is on the front page of the Daily News.”... Read more >
Treat your guests as though they were gods, and wonders will happen. January is all about divine hospitality—giving it, rewarding it. After all, this bleakest month was named for Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings, and it was... Read more >
My table was set, the living room rug was vacuumed and furniture polished. In other words, I was ready for my holiday party. But there was one detail I hadn’t anticipated: my cat, Ike. Usually he was well-behaved and eager to make friends with... Read more >
According to a recent survey conducted by MetLife, more than 34 million adults age 50+ in the U.S. want to start their own businesses and have outpaced younger people in doing so. “A desire to be your own boss at this stage of life and create a... Read more >
If you’re not the powerhouse you were in your cheerleading days, here’s why: Women begin losing muscle mass slowly at 30 and, after 50, the decline starts to accelerate. A sedentary lifestyle is also a contributing factor—a double whammy for some.... Read more >
The sneaker is like jeans for the feet. Women wear sneakers everywhere these days—to work, to dance.”  –Karl Lagerfeld Remember those ultra-spiky high heels that came to the fore a couple of seasons ago—and had even the sveltest of supermodels... Read more >