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  The sneaker is like jeans for the feet. Women wear sneakers everywhere these days—to work, to dance.”  –Karl Lagerfeld Remember those ultra-spiky high heels that came to the fore a couple of seasons ago—and had even the sveltest of... Read more >
Let me state at the outset: I’m anti-spa. With all their cultish sanctimoniousness, their endless exhortations of self-improvement, and their deprivation diets, not to mention the typically exorbitant prices, spas are my idea of vacation torture.... Read more >
After Toronto high school students Kascha and Macaulee Cassaday watched their 80-year-old grandparents master a hand-me-down computer, they decided to embark upon a community outreach project. In 2009 they enlisted other students to teach seniors at... Read more >
Last week I got a pair of Lucky jeans, a Banana Republic top and a great BCBG Max Azria sequined little black dress...and it didn’t cost me a penny.  My secret? Clothing swaps! I brought a bag of unwanted goodies from my closet to a swap party... Read more >
Extra baggage is a nuisance, especially under your eyes. You may have tried to hide your bags under your Ray Bans, applied Preparation H on your face (yuck) or contemplated surgery. Now, thankfully, there’s a new non-invasive, painless alternative... Read more >
Those annoying flaps of flesh on our upper arms are referred to as “batwings.” These days mine shake like a California earthquake every time I salt my salad. Years ago, as a young taut aerobics instructor led my class through endless groan inducing... Read more >
What makes a penis lose its pizzazz somewhere north of 55? Are reliable erections the province of youth only? Can medicine or mojo fix an otherwise healthy man’s broken hydraulics? And how can you, a woman with a healthy libido, help your man... Read more >
You swore off online dating. But the only guy you’ve been seeing regularly is Don Draper and he won’t be back until next season. Plus, your twice-divorced cousin, who has five years, two chins and twenty pounds on you, just got an engaged to Mr.... Read more >
In my 20s, plagued by shin splints and tendinitis from running too many laps around Central Park, I dipped my toe in the pool at St. Bartholomew’s Church and rediscovered swimming. For many years, I would overdo it when it came to exercise and... Read more >
Andrea Q. Robinson is a beauty industry veteran. In 1989, she created and launched The Nakeds Ultima II line at Revlon. She collaborated with Kevyn Aucoin, who helped develop the ground-breaking color palette, and Irving Penn, who photographed the... Read more >
In New York, a town rife with fiercely opinionated best-of-the-best lists, we’ve all got our treasured haunts and trusted experts. Mine include Marie Sigismondi, my irreplaceable hair colorist, who plies her trade at Pierre Michel, the big, bustling... Read more >