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Add one piece to your spring wardrobe that is “on-trend,” but in multiple ways. When worn with your tried and true, it becomes no longer trendy, but an expression of your personal style and possibly a forever-favorite wardrobe classic. SPRING TREND... Read more >
Posse! Hear that word and you might think of a Western movie gang chasing bad guys instead of a 25-year-old foundation that helps groups of deserving students attend elite colleges on scholarships. But the Posse Foundation has been doing just that... Read more >
Have you ever been tempted to buy an expensive cream or serum that promises to “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 30 days?” (If not, you’re either a teenager or on life support.) But isn’t a lotion that costs $400 per ounce... Read more >
The first time I talked about the rape I was 26 and in a therapist’s office. “I can help you,” the counselor, Mary, said, “but it won’t be a quick fix.” My neck tensed up. I started bouncing my knee. Mary didn’t react. Her eyes were looking into... Read more >
During a stay in London back in the early 1970s, I took an innocent side-trip to Leeds to visit my dressmaker friend Anne, who shared my passion for fashion. Already on day one, we went shopping—at a church bazaar. And there on a long table piled... Read more >
Like many of you, I spend hours and hours in front of a computer. To relax I often watch hours of TV—the news, classic films, hot new series or sports. What's involved? A great deal of sitting. According to a recent article in the Harvard... Read more >
Here we are—three women, single, divorced and married—sitting in a café in Brooklyn Heights, talking and laughing, on the surface no different from other successful career women over 50.  But if you look more closely, you will see a profound... Read more >
“Accidental” is how Susan Rieger describes her career. After a lengthy, and illustrious career as a law professor and dean, Rieger, now 67, is embarking on a new professional journey as an author. In an era when it’s often impossible for experienced... Read more >
Knitting shops in New York? Who in this hectic town has the time or patience to sit down and transform a length of wool string into a garment, one stitch at a time? Plenty of us, it turns out. Manhattan’s yarn shops are buzzing with customers. We... Read more >
Years before I decided to adopt, I had a dream that I was in a forest with a little boy holding my hand. It was scary in there and dark. Then suddenly, we emerged from the woods to see the edge of the earth and the moon, a giant stone ball with... Read more >
It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine—an adage that aptly describes a growing movement known as Laughter Yoga. I’d heard of the practice and was intrigued enough to attend a free late-afternoon class led by laughter yoga coach Vishwa... Read more >